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Harp Strength Tee

Featuring the Woof Cycling Spoke & Cog Harp.

Cycling Strength for all stout cyclists.


Front: Cycling Strength logo
Back: WC Bike Harp Logo

100% Cotton Pigment Dyed T-shirt : S-XXL

100% Cotton Fashion Fit T-shirt : S-XXL

(S&H, tax where applicable)

Men's & Women's

Regular Tee
Black w/ color print

Olive w/ color print

Fashion Fit
Black w/ color print
Olive w/ color print

What is a Fashion Fit Tee vs. a Regular Tee?

A Regular Tee is a normal cotton T-shirt.

A fashion fit tee is a lighter cotton tee
with a more form fitting shape,
a little tighter fitting than usual.
If you are between sizes go with the larger one.


Quantities Limited

Shipping Rate is for lower 48 US states only.
All others contact before purchasing. Additional shipping charges will apply.


71 Harp Strength REG
71 Harp Fashion Fit Black
71 Harp Fashion Fit Olive
71w Harp Fashion Fit Women's


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