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Quixotic Tee

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quix•ot•ic (kwik-’sä-tik) adjective.
1: foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals; especially: marked by rash lofty romantic ideas
or extravagantly chivalrous action - Etymology: Don Quixote (1718)
2: capricious, unpredictable

Front: RYR Windmill
Back: Don Quixote & Sancho Biking

100% Cotton Pigment Dyed T-shirt : S-XXL
(loose fitting)

(S&H, tax where applicable)

Washed Gold w/ black

Washed Buck Brown w/ black
Washed Hemp Green w/ black
Washed Tamale Red w/ black
Women's Pink w/ black
Women's Olive w/ black
Women's Yellow w/ black

Quantities Limited

Shipping Rate is for lower 48 US states only.
All others contact before purchasing. Additional shipping charges will apply.

04 Quixotic Gold & Buck
04 Quixotic Hemp, Tamale, Texas Orange
04 Quixotic Ash & Olive
04w Quixotic Women's


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